County to begin accepting Bitcoin payments as parking rates set to increase in downtown Bethesda

As the County Council prepares to vote on increased parking rates in downtown Bethesda, the Division of Parking Management (MCDOT) announced a corresponding new pilot program to begin accepting Bitcoin for payment. The tech-savvy initiative was presented as Bitcoin has been generally skyrocketing over the past year both in value and in the news. “It’s a perfect solution,” County spokesperson Coris Ponder exchanged, “Bitcoin’s rising value charts almost identically to our constantly increasing parking rates. So we don’t even need to reprogram the meters each month to adjust the pricing.”

Bitcoin Pricing HistoryBitcoin Pricing History

Connie Morella Library launches Textbook2Tech program for children to help bring seniors to the digital age

In conjunction with their recent announcement that libraries were preparing to open back up to the public, Montgomery County Public Libraries (MCPL) flexed their new agile decision making process with the launch of a new Textbook2Tech program. The new MCPL initiative seeks to bridge the technology gap between generations that has been particularly highlighted during the pandemic. “Textbook2Tech is an amazing transition for seniors in this digital age,” head librarian Belle explained. “The technology gap has never been more apparent than through this pandemic.”

Partnering with Bethesda Elementary School’s Young Entrepreneur program, The Little Chips Computer Club has set up camp within the Connie Morella Library, offering various technology lessons to seniors. Little Timmy pitched, “With the advent of eLearning, our first cohort really become quite adept at utilizing technology to bridge the communication and learning gaps highlighted by this extraordinary pandemic.” The first grader continued, “We’re excited to explain the mute button, and we’ve disabled the caps lock button on all the keyboards.”

County passes law in support of DC statehood that has zero authority whatsoever

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