tweet: MCPS find replacement teachers; cancels cancellation

Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) is nearing an agreement with the teacher’s union to bring in non-union parent teachers to solve the substitute teacher shortage which resulted in cancelling school the day before Thanksgiving. Facing a staffing shortage, MCPS just last week had voted to cancel the entire day of classroom education.

Throughout the entirety of the pandemic (and ongoing), MCPS has continually faced a barrage of criticism and complaints in how it has handled children’s education during the time of COVID. The replacement teachers will be comprised of a loose coalition of parents who on social media lambasted the school system, explaining that they knew everything and how things should be run.

“We’re pretty excited,” exclaimed teacher-parent Katrina Tudor. “We’ve been yelling at MCPS telling them what to do all this time and they are finally listening and doing it our way.” Parent-teacher Jack Ohff exclaimed, “We got some amazing advice. One of our parents is a high-powered sports agent and Aaron Rodgers recommended this great podcast with excellent info on what we should be doing instead of being sheep and doing what someone else tells us to do.” The Green Bay Packers quarterback has recently been under a bit of controversy himself surrounding the COVID vaccine, but pulled through thanks to the help of Joe Rogan.

Parent teachers will be split into the different schools and grades based on their familiarity and number of Google searches on each topic. Science classes will be taught by those who did their own research on the vaccine. Government classes will be taught by January 6ers. Geography will be taught by flat-earthers. Even driver’s education will be covered, bringing in driving expert parents who importantly stressed to “stay in your lane.”

“It has been a bit challenging,” admitted Tudor. We just learned we might need to buy some supplies for all of the students, not just providing for our own kid. We’re a bit stressed too, but the kid’s education and mental health is priority number one.”

MCPS communications director Jackie O’Weary seemed content with the innovative solution to the supply “crisis”. “We are confident the students will receive a quality education. These parent-teachers are really well educated and informed. They have certainly done their own research!”

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