Following the overwhelming popularity of the Montgomery ParksFitness in the Parks” program, Bethesda Urban Partnership (BUP), the Bethesda Arts & Entertainment District , and the Greater Bethesda Chamber of Commerce announced today an interactive fitness program combining art and health in the County’s urban epicenter. The new initiative, dubbed #Bfit, builds on the success of the Parks program and aims to bring together the Bethesda health and entertainment communities. With support from the beef industry and sponsored by Medium Rare in Woodmont Triangle, the program is designed to Build Back Better (and Beefier) in Bethesda.

Workout stations will be placed at several of the red Sculpture B installations distributed strategically throughout downtown Bethesda as well as other key locations. The circuit is the perfect lunch-hour workout, timed at 42 minutes with a light sweat-free jog between stations.

  • 7200 Wisconsin Avenue: 4 suicide sprints across Wisconsin
  • Bethesda Library, 7400 Arlington Road: 10 box jumps on a stack of books from your favorite author
  • Bethesda Metro, corner of Wisconsin Avenue & Old Georgetown Road: Run down the up escalator and back up the down escalator
  • Bethesda Urban Partnership, 7700 Old Georgetown Road: Break for 1 minute to relish at the beautiful sight of your bank account balance with the convenient TD Bank ATM
  • Bethesda Avenue: Stake out a street parking space to do 20 squats in; soak up the envy of every Lexus SUV that passes by
  • Corner of Fairmont & Norfolk Avenues: Fast walk to the streetery and back with a choice gelato from Pitango without spilling a drop
  • Corner of Wisconsin Avenue & Bradley Boulevard: Birthing squats (be sure to breathe)
  • Crosswalk at Bradley and Strathmore: 20 shoulder shrugs while wondering how long it will take for cars to stop
  • Gallery B, 7701 Woodmont Avenue: Break for 1 minute to appreciate some art
  • Imagination Stage, 4908 Auburn Avenue: Yoga break with child’s pose for 1 minute
  • Round House Theatre, 4545 East-West Highway: 5 minute wall sit while perusing this season’s ticket offerings
  • Metropolitan Garage, Edgemoor Lane entrance: Swim a lap in the flooded garage

Those who complete the circuit will receive a coupon for 20% of dinner at Medium Rare and a voucher for a free macaroon from Tout de Sweet Pastry Shop, redeemable at the Woodmont Triangle store and other participating locations. For those unable to jog between stations, the Bethesda Circulator runs Monday through Friday from 7am to 11pm and Saturday from 10am to 11pm.

County councilmember Andrew Friedson completed the inaugural circuit in a perfect 42 minutes without breaking a sweat, including several stops for fans asking for photos and responding to questions from curious constituents. “It’s great that we’re able to build on the Fitness in the Parks program and bring this unique offering to downtown Bethesda – walkable, sociable, likeable, delectable Downtown Bethesda. It’s so livable!”

Local real estate icon, BUP arts chair, Circulator posterchild, Fit Magazine aficionado, and Bethesda Arts and Entertainment Board co-president Jane Fairweather was particularly excited with this new fusion of fitness and the arts. “They’re both really big passions of mine. I’m really excited – I even personally selected the models. It was a very hands on process, and I’m excited about the results.”

Fore more information about the “Fitness in the Parks” program, visit the Montgomery Parks event website at

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